Training and Development – ADW China-ASEAN Consulting Group


ADW China-ASEAN Consulting Group is committed to developing your team and their understanding of Cross-cultural Communication, Doing Business in China and or ASEAN, Globalization and Managing Global Teams. We achieve this through keynotes, training workshops, seminars and one-to-one executive coaching. We focus on: expansion, growth, strategy and going global. We can help energize your team through continuous learning and development opportunities focusing on the challenges of Globalization in the current economic environment.

ADW China-ASEAN Consulting Group specializes in:

  • Cross-cultural Communication Training.
  • 1-1 Executive Coaching for International Trade.
  • Selling Across Cultures (groups and individual training)
  • 1.4 Billion Customers “Selling your Products to China.”

If you have any of these training requirements ADW China-ASEAN Consulting Group is here to help your business succeed globally. For more information about the hundreds of companies that have benefitted from these programs and how these programs might help your organization with your internationalization strategy, feel free to get in touch.