At ADW China-ASEAN Consulting Group we help investors and entrepreneurs build lasting and profitable relationships.


ADW China-ASEAN Consulting Group works with you to get your company ready for cash investment or an M&A in China. We regularly hold investment pitch evenings in China with investors looking for foreign companies. We organize pitches from foriegn firms looking for capital. ADW China-ASEAN Consulting Group has relationships with a number of high net worth Chinese individuals and Chinese investment groups looking to invest in successful international projects. Some of the projects our investors are seeking include:

  • Education (Europe and North America)
  • Real Estate Investments (Europe and North America)
  • Robotics and AI (Global)
  • Technology (Global)
  • Start-ups (Global)

Asian investors are savvy, they generally research the markets they are investing in and will have detailed questions for you. In order to be successful, you must have a properly prepared business plan in the local language, a clear illustration of the potential return on investment-ROI and a plan to scale your business either in China or in other markets. ADW China-ASEAN Consulting Group can help you with all of this and more including introductions to likely investors.

For an informal discussion on how we might be able to help connect you to potential investors and get you ready for the China and ASEAN markets please send us a short one page summary of your business to: